Any story, all stories, fact, fiction, short or long.

Your Story

Everyone has a story but few go as far as sharing it. I honour your story by capturing your legacy in your own words, one chapter at a time, beautifully written, and presented in the form of a digital or printed book.

From story to print - Stories capture a lifetime of moments

Photo Books

Photos have a magic ability to conjure up memories from days gone by. I create coffee table books that will be enjoyed for many years to come and which won’t gather dust on your bookshelf.

Photos capture a moment in time - Don't just do it, write about it

Business Books

Words not only communicate, but they also connect. I will journey with you through the landscape of your business and capture your history in words and images which compliment your brand beautifully and precisely.

Every business has a history - a legacy for the future

Fact or Fiction

Stories can be fact or fiction, compelling, thrilling, slightly breathtaking, heartbreaking, memorable, and worthy of sharing. I can take your manuscript and turn it into a finished book from A to Z.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about

Book Services


Copy Editing and Proofreading

Book Cover Design

Page layout and typesetting


ISBN Registration

Printing and Distribution

Vintage photos – rescue, revive, retouch and repair

Author Websites

Story Portfolio

Afraid to write? I am here for you… Let us start a chapter together!

Simply Beautiful Madagascar

Author: Alta Jansen van Vuuren


Between Fire and Shadow

Authors: Lloyd Gillespie & Isabel Wolf Gillespie


Natures Confetti

Author: Chiefs Tented Camps



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