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Why write an autobiography or any book for that matter? Why is it important? Does it matter if the world doesn’t read it?

Whether you write to free your ego, share a testimony, justify your journey, impart your experience or write to leave your legacy behind, write you must. Everyone has a story and you can get yours told. Writing for financial or personal gain, whether popular or not,  may also be important but in the end, the real value lies in the story left for generations to come.

A few of our published Stories

Just Add Faith

Author: R Vehorn

Just Add Faith is a wonderfully inspiring and uplifting true story about a man’s desire to serve a loving God, a desire to make a difference, a desire to listen to the Masters voice. That desire and absolute faith resulted in the Vehorn family’s move from America to little-known Queenstown in South Africa in June 1988. His story includes their Journey to Africa, the heartache and trials, the laughter and connections, and the miraculous. The book is a positive voice in the legacy of grace and forgiveness that will lead to a new nation of redeemed and reconciled South Africans!”

Painted Devils and the Land of Ordinary Men

Author: Tuan Marais

“I really don’t want you to be an ordinary man.” With such a singular instruction from his eccentric mother and the novelty of being plucked from boarding school to run wild and untutored on the island of Zanzibar, the author’s boyhood notions of conforming were swept away by the ravishing Land of Zinj.

This book tells the story of a boy’s journey through the turbulent waters of his own young life during these urgent moments in Equatorial East Africa and Southern Africa. It is a tale of love and loss.


Author: Brian Neebe

This is a story of one of life`s journeys. One that has spanned over forty years so far, and is still in progress. “It is a journey through some of the finest wildlife areas
of Southern Africa, and a true account of my efforts to go there and of the people I have encountered along the road…a relationship with a vehicle that has never let me down always brought me home and taken me to some wild and wonderful places! It is the story of a machine, and the significant role it has played in my life.” The ubiquitous Land Rover, synonymous with the name safari.

Where to from here

You need a partner to bring your book through the manuscript-stage to print-stage and beyond. I have all the tools and skills required to transform your rough draft into a professionally printed hard or soft cover book or reader-friendly e-book.

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