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Art - A Wonderful Gift

A glimpse into my soul


All artists have a favorite medium and mine is acrylic. It’s fast-drying, which is great when I just want to get on with it and don’t want to hang around. I will paint on everything if you let me loose, but I mostly work with stretched canvas from as large as a meter wide or more to as small as 5x5cm…and smaller! I love colour and whenever I am out and about I find myself constantly mixing colour in my mind’s eye. A perfect cool green, the perfect shade of grey, shades of browns and yellows. Whenever we travel I take hundreds of photos and these are a tremendous inspiration when I sit in front of my easel and interpret what I captured earlier in the day. I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to share my gift and I hope they bring you as much joy as they do for me.

Where to buy my Art

At this stage I sell my paintings at the Greyton Village Market in the Western Cape, as well as via Facebook and direct sales.

I also love commission work and will be more than happy to travel and capture your special place or situation. Alternatively, great reference pics will set the tone for what it is you want me to do. Delivery 2-3 weeks.


There is very little if any thought that goes into these doodles – they are quite simply just magic! I very seldom if ever actually plan anything ahead of time. It is well and truly so cathartic and I will lose myself in my doodle and be completely unaware of the time going by! They are only representational line and shape scribbles and really are not meant to be perfect replicas.

Opportunities – Murals, Customised Branding, illustrations and more!

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